Food delivery services in Vienna

In Vienna, you do not have to do without good food at home or in an apartment.

As is the case in all other large cities of the world, various food deliverers have become the norm in the city. Although it is lovely to eat in a restaurant, now and again it is actually fun to have food delivered to your home, especially when it’s cold and miserable outside. Getting food delivered to your home or to your CheckVIENNA apartment means that you can still enjoy good food without even having to leave your home or apartment.

With the pink bicycle through the city

Recently they have become as much a part of Vienna as St. Stephen’s Cathedral or Mariahilfer Straße: the pink-coloured food deliverers of Foodora. The internationally active start-up has caused quite a stir in the home delivery market in the city. Previously, mostly pizzas and Chinese or Indian food of dubious origin was ordered to be delivered but nowadays you are spoilt for choice between the best and the most trendy restaurants of the city, including Mochi, Ramien, Flatschers, Gorilla Kitchen, Ludwig und Adele am Markt, Ivy‘s Pho House, Neni am Naschmarkt, Tian Bistro, Miznon and many many more. Make your choice, order your food and pay on their App or on their website and your food will be delivered after approx. 30 minutes. And don’t forget a tip for the hard-working cyclist!


Uber not only transports people in Vienna – food can also be ordered

Currently, uberEats is the greatest competitor of Foodora. With the Californian company, not only can you get from A to B in Vienna comfortably and without cash, you can also easily order food via the uberEats Apps in the various App stores. In the meantime, a considerable number of restaurants use this service and uberEats can definitely keep up with the competition. Via UberEats you can order food from Riva Pizza Favorita, Bao Bar, Tewa Naschmarkt, Sale e Pepe, Donuteria, Steamboo, Tuchlauben Eis, Marks or Leberkas Willi, to name but a few. As with the pink competition, the food is also delivered by bicycle. And also here: have a tip ready for the cyclist.


Healthy and vegetarian food delivered directly to your apartment

Also not exactly an unknown entity on the streets of Vienna is the company, “Rita bringt‘s” (literally: Rita brings it to you), which is the first vegetarian and partially vegan delivery service in Vienna. The products used in the dishes are 100% organic and the packaging is 100% biologically degradable. And of course, the deliveries are made completely pollution-free – by bicycle. How does it work? You order your food on the day before you would like it by 4pm and your food arrives on the next day between 10 and 12. You can choose from curries, dhal, risotto and burgers. And to spice up the menu, seasonal dishes are added to the menu every week.


The former top dog of Vienna and a further competitor

Ein Beitrag geteilt von (@mjam_at) am

Before Foodora and uberEats became active in Vienna, mjam was the undisputed market leader in the food delivery branch. This company also offers food from a wide range of eating establishments and restaurants. You can simply order online on mjam’s website. Large fast food chains, such as McDonalds, Burger King, Vapiano and Subway can also be found at mjam. A further delivery service is <>. The company is active throughout Austria and in Vienna alone you can choose from almost 300 restaurants. The focus is on pizzas, burgers, Schnitzel and Turkish food.

Website: and

Foodora and uberEats, in particular, are fast and uncomplicated for visitors to Vienna as their services are also available in other cities. Simply open the App and select from the best restaurants in Vienna.


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