Food delivery services in Vienna

In Vienna, you do not have to do without good food in an CheckVIENNA apartment.

As is the case in all other large cities of the world, various food deliverers have become the norm in the city. Although it is lovely to eat in a restaurant, now and again it is actually fun to have food delivered to your home, especially when it’s cold and miserable outside. Getting food delivered to your home or to your CheckVIENNA apartment means that you can still enjoy good food without even having to leave your home or apartment. In this blog post we provide you a selection of the top food delivery services in Vienna!


Vienna’s top dog: Mjam

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Mjam is the undisputed market leader in the food delivery branch. This company offers food from a wide range of eating establishments and restaurants. You can simply order online on Mjam’s website or via the Mjam app (available for iOS and Android). Large fast food chains, such as McDonalds, Burger King, Vapiano and Subway can also be found at Mjam.

In the summer of 2019, Delivery Hero, the parent company of Mjam, concluded another megadeal by taking over the delivery service “Foodora”. And this means that you are now spoilt for choice between the best and hippest restaurants in the city centre. These include Mochi, Ramien, Flatschers, Gorilla Kitchen, Ludwig and Adele am Markt, Ivy’s Pho House, Neni am Naschmarkt, Tian Bistro, Miznon and many more. A list of all these restaurants can be found with the filter setting “Mjam Plus”.



Lieferando in the whole of Austria


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A further delivery service is “”. The company is active throughout the whole of Austria (and internationally) and offers a selection of almost 400 restaurants in Vienna. The focus is on pizzas, burgers, Schnitzel but also Turkish, Indian and Vietnamese food.

You select and order your food on the app (available for iOS and Android) or online via the website. You can expect your food to be delivered after approx. 30 minutes. You can pay with credit card or in cash on delivery. And do not forget a tip for the hardworking cyclists who deliver your food to you!



Rita bringt‘s – healthy and vegetarian food delivered directly to your apartment

Also not exactly an unknown entity on the streets of Vienna is the company, “Rita bringt‘s” (literally: Rita brings it to you), which is the first vegetarian and partially vegan delivery service in Vienna. The products used in the dishes are 100% organic and the packaging is 100% biologically degradable. And of course, the deliveries are made completely pollution-free – by bicycle

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How does it work? You order your food on the day before you would like it by 4pm and your food arrives on the next day between 09:30am and 12pm. You can choose from curries, dhal, risotto and burgers. And to spice up the menu, seasonal dishes are added to the menu every week. Payment can be made in cash, by card, Sodexo / Edenred or on account. Rita does not charge a delivery fee, but has a minimum order amount of EUR 12.00.

Good to know: The food is delivered cold and needs to be warmed up.



Speisen ohne Grenzen – the intercultural delivery service


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Connecting people from different countries of origin with good food and cooking together. This wonderful concept is offered by the delivery service “Speisen ohne Grenzen” (literally: food without borders). At Speisen ohne Grenzen fresh dishes are prepared every day by refugees – while the guests embark on a culinary journey, the cooks expand their language and technical skills for the Austrian job market. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

Currently, deliveries are only made on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The lunch menu, consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert (for the price of a main course), is delivered by bicycle and in reusable dishes. Delivery is possible for six portions or more and orders must be placed (at the latest) by 5pm the day before.

Good to know: Since the Speisen ohne Grenzen team gets around by bicycle, there is an approximate delivery radius, which you can easily check on the website. Here, too, the delivery service team is absolutely uncomplicated – just call and ask if it might be possible to deliver a little further away ;).



The healthy alternative to pizza & co: Blattgold


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With bowls, wraps, curries & salads, Blattgold serves all those who have had enough of burgers, pizzas and sushi. In contrast to most delivery services, Blattgold does not collect the food from various Viennese restaurants, but produces it in its own kitchen, just like Rita bringt’s or Speisen ohne Grenzen. Currently, deliveries are made in Vienna, Linz and Graz. According to Blattgold’s own information, Blattgold does not use any additives at all: regional products, which are freshly delivered every day, form the basis of the hip and healthy dishes.

You can place an order every day between 11am and 10pm and, if the order is small, a delivery fee of EUR 2.50 will be charged.



You will never have to go to bed hungry in Vienna, and you won’t. There are numerous delivery services in the capital offering a wide variety of dishes, covering almost the whole spectrum of possible culinary tastes
. Particularly good for visitors to Vienna as well as locals are the easy ordering options. The perfect meal can be ordered quickly online, by phone and, in some cases, via apps – thereby saving every couch day!


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