Culinary delights on Vienna’s shopping mile – Mariahilfer Straße

Eating establishments on (upper) Mariahilfer Straße

Why do the Viennese like Mariahilfer Straße as much as visitors to Vienna? We think it could be because of the dozens of possibilities to go shopping there. On Mariahilfer Straße you will find flagship stores located next to small, at times exclusive, boutiques. The street was recently turned into a pedestrian area – parts of the street are referred to as “meeting areas” – and this provides shoppers with ample space to stroll around and indulge in some window shopping too. The “MaHü”, as the locals affectionately refer to the street, also has much to offer in terms of eating and drinking. As the MaHü is a particularly long street, we have decided to dedicate this blog to its upper part – until Westbahnhof, the city’s West Railway Station.


Burger Friday in Le Burger


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Le Burger is a relatively small burger chain whose flagship store is situated at the upper part of Mariahilfer Straße. If the weather is good, you can sit directly on the shopping mile in the outdoor eating area and eat your food while watching the world go by. A perfect location to do some ”people watching”, a popular past-time in Vienna. And as regards the food, there is a wide range of burgers to choose from

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. You can also create your own individual burger with various ingredients and extras. The pommes frites with cheese sauce and jalapenos ‑ chilli cheese fries ‑ are a popular side dish whether or not you would like some meat. But vegans and vegetarians will not starve here as they can choose from one of two burgers which do not contain any meat. If you are in a hurry, you can order your burger from the ground floor area. However, if you do have more time, you should not only try the cheesecake but also take a seat on the first floor to fully enjoy your food. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, you will also be rewarded with a wonderful view of the hustle and bustle on Austria’s biggest shopping miles.

Le Burger
Address: Mariahilfer Straße 114, 1070 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Saturday: 9am – midnight
Sunday, public holidays: 11am – 11pm


Pho and Springrolls at Ivy‘s on the MaHü


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Ivy‘s Pho Haus is relatively new and is located at the upper end of Mariahilfer Straße. Here you can discover all kinds of delicious dishes from Vietnam. For example, pho, a nutritious and filling Vietnamese soup with various ingredients and noodles. Further “must-eats” in the restaurant in Marihilf are the Vietnamese spring or summer rolls as well as dim sums, which are dumplings, normally steamed, and prepared with diverse fillings. If you are unsure about which to choose, simply order the dim sum plate and try a number of them. Vietnamese food, above all pho and banh mis (Vietnamese baguettes), is currently particularly popular in Vienna. Stylish, with a love for detail and modern – this awaits you in Ivy’s Pho House, which, by the way, is a part of the Martin Ho Gastro imperium.

Ivy’s Pho Haus
Address: Mariahilferstraße 103, 1070 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Sunday: 11:30am – 9pm


Das Freiraum can accommodate many guests at almost any time


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Das Freiraum is a relatively large restaurant and, as such, offers seating for many people. This is indeed an important criterion as Mariahilfer Straße is usually well-frequented and shoppers want to have the possibility to drink a coffee, possibly served with cake, and to eat something during a brief break from shopping. Das Freiraum serves food almost all day and also has a generous bar which is perfect for a beer, drinks or a cocktail in the evening. The extensive breakfast menu also has to be mentioned. The front part of the restaurant is especially nice. Why? Because from here you will have a wonderful view of Mariahilferstraße and the people on it. If you would like to visit Das Freiraum as part of a larger group – above all in the evenings or after work – we recommend that you reserve a table in advance.

Das Freiraum
Address: Mariahilfer Straße 117, 1060 Vienna
Opening times:
Sunday – Monday: 8am – 1am
Tuesday – Thursday: 8am – 2am
Friday – Saturday: 8am – 3am


Eating in BahnhofsCity West


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BahnhofsCity Wien Westbahnhof is situated at the very top of Mariahilfer Straße. And it may be surpising but here too you can go shopping. Relaxed and, because all the shops are indoors, in any weather and regardless of the temperature. There are numerous shops in BahnhofsCity Wien Westbahnhof that are simply waiting on you to discover them. An inner-city IKEA will even be opening its doors soon right next to the train station. If you are looking for a quick snack, you are sure to find something here. In addition to the bakeries, such as Anker and Ströck, Burgerista, Mr. Lee, Nordsee or Subway offer snacks and also meals which can be eaten as a takeaway or at one of the seating areas at the railway station. You will find coffee and something sweet at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. If you would prefer to try some genuine Viennese food, you should have a break at BahnhofsCity Wien Westbahnhof. What could be more Viennese than the sandwich makers with the unpronounceable name of TRZESNIEWSKI?

Insider Tip: You simply have to order a “Pfiff” – 0.25l – beer to accompany the unbelievably delicious open sandwiches.

BahnhofsCity Wien Westbahnhof
Address: Europaplatz 1-3, 1150 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm


The range of culinary delights on Austria’s and Vienna’s longest shopping street is more than extensive. Regardless of your tastes and wishes, you are sure to find the right food here. Just take it easy and let yourself be surprised – also from the smaller restaurants in this part of the city.


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