Markets in Vienna

Vienna and its many markets

The city of Vienna has much more to offer than simply the usual shopping and eating opportunities. In particular, it is well worth visiting the dozens of bigger and smaller Viennese markets. Strolling through the narrow market streets, tasting something sweet or savoury or simply making a stop at one of the many eating establishments and watching the coming and going at the market. This and much more is offered by the, at times rural, markets in the middle of the bustling city of Vienna.


In order to really enjoy the Naschmarkt, you need time

It is the king among the numerous markets in Vienna. Tourists and locals alike just love it as is shown by the impressive number of visitors. We can only be talking here about the Viennese market which is situated between the districts of Mariahilf and Wieden and known worldwide – the Naschmarkt. Here you will find everything that your heart desires. Many stands offer fruit and vegetables and you can taste and buy food from all over the world.

The Naschmarkt is, however, also famous and loved for its inviting restaurants. There truly is something for every taste: Neni with its oriental dishes is as much a highlight as DoAn, Orient & Occident or Deli. The culinary focus in Umar is on fish dishes while in tewa only organic and sustainable food is served. And if you are in a hurry, you will find a tasty vegetarian sandwich at the Dr. Falafel stand. All in all, the Naschmarkt offers a perfect all-round package during a visit to Vienna. Simply strolling through it quickly is almost not enough as there are so many good things to discover there.


Little Istanbul – in the heart of Vienna


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The Brunnenmarkt in Ottakring is the longest street market in Europe. It is mainly Turkish traders who offer their goods here and this is why you feel as if you have been transported to another part of the world. An almost bazaar-like feeling prevails as in Istanbul. You only have to travel by tram and it is as if you are delving into another city – this is possible in Vienna. In terms of culinary delights, the Kent can be mentioned. A family-run Turkish restaurant which leaves nothing to be desired. Especially in summer, the spacious garden in the courtyard is particularly inviting as a place to hang out, eat, drink and relax. At the end of the Brunnenmarkt, actually the Brunnengasse, you will already find the next market: the Yppenmarkt.


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Every Saturday local farmers sell fruit and vegetables and a potpourri of other goods. The gastro-scene at the Yppenmarkt is almost legendary and especially in summer, a hot spot of the city. On sunny Sundays, you may have to wait a little longer at some of the restaurants. But it is still definitely well worth a visit. Of particular note are these eating establishments: Das Wetter, Ludwig & Adele am Markt, Wirr am Brunnenmarkt, the AnDo as well as Dellago. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply enjoy a coffee. Last but not least, you can find great products and wonderful gifts in Staud’s – a very traditional Viennese producer which is above all famous for its preserved fruit and pickled vegetables as well as its amazing jam.

Kent Restaurant:


The coolest market in Vienna is situated in Leopoldstadt

A mere 2-minute walk away from the Vorgartenstraße underground station you will find the most popular market in Vienna: the Vorgartenmarkt. At first glance, it is a tiny bit smaller than the Brunnenmarkt and also somewhat less glamorous than the Naschmarkt. But despite this, the market is extremely popular with the young Viennese. This is also due to the selective market stands, which only offer organic products.

The Adamah organic farm sells its own cultivated products from the Marchfeld region. The Bioviertel and die Palette focus on sustainability in the same way as the well-known vegetarian delivery service, Rita bringts, which runs its own restaurant at the Vorgartenmarkt

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. Ramen Bar Mochi is relatively new. The well-known Viennese restaurateurs of Mochi (Praterstraße 15) have recognised the current cool image of the Vorgartenmarkt and opened a fabulous Ramen Bar here a few months ago. You cannot reserve a table so it is recommended that you have some time as there can be longer waiting times. The atmosphere at the Viennese Vorgartenmarkt is quite unique. It is located a little off the beaten tourist track but here you can get a real feeling about Vienna and its open air markets.



The Karmelitermarkt offers a wonderful and original market and district experience


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The second district in Vienna – Leopoldstadt – has good conditions for a great market. The Karmelitermarkt is definitely no longer an insider tip but is, despite this, well worth a visit. On Saturday in particular, there is much hustle and bustle at the so-called farmers’ market. Dozens of stands on the large square of the market offer their goods. High quality bread, cheese, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables or flowers – you will find all of these at the Karmelitermarkt.

And it wouldn’t be a Viennese market if there weren’t numerous well-known restaurants, and cafés. Without a doubt the best coffee and espresso can be had in the Kaffeestation as well as in the cafemima, you can get a good pizza in the Pizza Quartier and if you like wine, we highly recommend a visit to the Weinschenke. But you shouldn’t only explore the market itself but also the area surrounding the Karmelitermarkt which has experienced a massive upswing in the last few years. Top eating establishments such as Skopik & Lohn or Die schöne Perle as well as the Pizzeria Mari (the pioneer of the Neapolitan pizza in Vienna) or Fett und Zucker, with its sweet dishes in a shabby yet chic Berlin atmosphere, are within easy walking distance of the market.

Pizza Mari:
Skopik und Lohn:


On weekends, the Viennese markets are much busier than during the week which is why a visit between Monday and Friday may be advisable. Although they are just as busy, the chances are higher that you will find a table at the restaurants and also have more time to try out all the delicious culinary delights on offer.

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