Balls in Vienna

The ball season in Vienna has begun

Every year, the magnificent buildings in Austria’s capital host lavish balls which are indeed unforgettable experiences in these special venues. Following on from the many balls at New Year, visitors to the city have the opportunity to attend the famous Opera Ball and the Ball hosted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business. It would be easy to get lost amongst the long evening gowns and the tails, so we hope to help by selecting the best and most well-known balls in Vienna for you.


Dance into the New Year


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The balls which are held on New Year’s Eve (in German, this is referred to as Silvester) in Vienna are legendary and Le Grand Bal in the Wiener Hofburg (Vienna’s Imperial Palace) is one of them. The former imperial residence is a great setting to hear the bell of St. Stephan’s Cathedral, fondly called the Pummerin by the Viennese, ringing in the New Year at midnight.

You can also celebrate the end of the year and the start of the New Year in Vienna’s Town Hall. In addition to a four-course dinner, traditional Viennese goulash soup is served here. You can admire the fireworks from the terrace of the Town Hall with the city of Vienna providing an amazing backdrop.

If you would like to bring in the New Year in an extravagant manner, then the Silvester Gala at the Palais Auersperg can also be highly recommended. In the magnificent baroque halls, the Silvester concert of Vienna’s Residence Orchestra is certain to put guests in a celebratory mood. A gala dinner follows the concert. The private park of the Palace is the perfect location to watch the fireworks at midnight.

Hofburg Wien – Silvester Ball
Address: Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna
Date: 31.12.2024

Vienna’s Town Hall – Silvester Gala
Address: Festsaal des Rathauses, 1010 Vienna
Date: 31.12.2024

Palais Auersperg – Silvestergala
Address: Auerspergstrasse1, 1080 Vienna
Date: 31.12.2024


“Alles Walzer” (“Let the waltz begin!”) at Vienna’s Opera Ball


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The highlight of the ball season in Vienna is and remains the Opera Ball. This magnificent backdrop of Vienna’s Opera House takes every guest back in time to the high culture of the Viennese aristocracy. The numerous dance and singing performances as well as the quadrille guarantee that you will experience an evening of entertainment which you will certainly remember for years to come. An evening which you will share with many celebrities from all walks of life.

A further highlight is the classic opening of the Ball by national and international debutante couples. Following this, the State Opera artists open the dance floor for all guests with the traditional cry of “Alles Walzer!” (Let the waltz begin!).

Our tip: Is it possible to eat traditional Austrian sausages in evening wear and tails? Yes! Many ball guests meet at the Bitzinger sausage stand, directly opposite the State Opera, to enjoy a meal together in the early hours of the morning. You can eat here until 4am and it also has the advantage of being considerably cheaper than at the Opera Ball.

Vienna’s Opera Ball
Address: Opernring 2, 1010 Vienna
Date: 08.02.2024


The largest student ball in Vienna


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The ball hosted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business is the largest student ball in the city. The perfect setting for this event is provided by the former Vienna Imperial Palace, the Wiener Hofburg, with its spacious, baroque rooms.

This ball stands out for two reasons: first, due to the interesting mixture of guests from politics, business and young academics and secondly to the wide range of music. In addition to classical dance music from the Ziehrer Hofball Orchestra, rock&roll as well as current and past hits are played.

University of Economics and Business Ball
Address: Hofburg Wien, Michaelerkuppel, 1010 Vienna
Date: 13.01.2024


The favourite with tourists: The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Ball


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Once a year, the building of Vienna’s Musikverein, the home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, is transformed into a stunning ballroom as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Ball takes place here.

This event is extraordinary as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is seated in the middle of the hall, which gives guests the possibility to see them perform their musical wonders from close quarters. After the traditional opening and the “left” waltz, which is typical for Vienna, the ball guests are then invited to join the others on the dance floor.

Our tip: You can take a break from dancing in one of the many smaller rooms in the Musikverein building. Buffets and bars as well as music ensure a good mood and a little relaxation.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Ball
Address: Bösendorferstraße 12, 1010 Vienna
Date: 18.01.2024


A ball in honour of the Viennese coffee house culture


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Vienna would not be Vienna if the traditional coffee house culture were not honoured. And this is precisely the aim of the Ball of the Wiener Kaffeesieder (literally, coffee house proprietors). It should be mentioned that the coffee house culture in Vienna has been recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Vienna’s Imperial Palace is once again transformed into the largest coffee house of the world.

More than twelve orchestras and bands entertain the ball guests. In “Strictly Ballroom”, you can dance away the entire night without any interruption!

Wiener Kaffeesieder Ball
Address: Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna
Date: 02.02.2024


Don’t forget the dress code for the various balls – each ball has its own rules as regards the dree code for both men and women. We recommend you check out the websites of the respective ball in advance.


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