Current Information – Limitation of Operations checkVIENNA

The Austrian government has implemented new regulations regarding hotels and apartments at the beginning of November. Due to these regulations checkVIENNA is not allowed to rent apartments for touristic reasons for the time being unless the regulations will be cancelled by the government.

Starting with 03.11.2020 until 06.12.2020 (preliminary), you are only allowed to make a booking, if one of the following reasons is applicable:

  • for business reasons
  • satisfying the urgent need for housing (e.g.: when your own flat is uninhabitable due to a pipe break)
  • for the purpose of care and assistance to persons in need of support
  • for educational and study purposes

We ask you for your understanding and we are looking forward to your stay in a few weeks.
You have questions? You can contact us at zur Verfügung!

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