Viennese Cult Brands

Vienna’s cult brands

They are as much a part of Vienna as St. Stephen’s Cathedral or Schönbrunn Palace. Brands which have been known and loved by the majority of the Viennese since their childhood – Viennese cult brands. Let us tell you about a few which you really should look out for on your next visit to Vienna!

Traubisoda keeeellerkalt

Traubisoda has been around for more than seventy years – a non-alcoholic drink, which is well known above all in eastern Austria. Produced from grapes and carbonated water, it is especially popular in summer as a refreshing beverage. Many Viennese remember drinking Traubisoda in their childhood – when visiting grandparents, at outdoor pools or as a drink suitable for children at the Viennese Heurigen when their parents were drinking Spritzer. Originally from the Wachau region, the drink enjoys cult stautus in Vienna and the surrounding areas. As the adverts for it indicate, with the slogan “Traubisoda keeeellerkalt”, it is tastes best when drunk at basement temperature.



Manner mag man eben

It is difficult to imagine a coffee break without Manner Schnitten. The company from Vienna was founded more than 125 years ago and since then it has provided the Viennese with the world-famous Manner Schnitten as well as a variety of other sweet delicacies. Manner was established already at the time of the Austrian monarchy and has, in the meantime, become a true cult brand, famous worldwide. From Tokyo to New York, as the advertising slogan says, Manner mag man eben (literally: You simply like Manner). The Manner Schnitten are produced in Vienna’s 17th district, at the heart of Hernals. The residents of Hernals know when the wafers are being filled with cocoa as the air in the area around the Manner factory is filled with the wonderful aroma of cocoa and chocolate.

Fun Fact: The Manner company has a truly special connection with Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral – for many years now, Manner has been supporting the restoration work of Vienna’s best-known tourist attraction with its own stone mason. The “Manner-Mann” is paid by the company and is totally clothed in Manner-pink!


Manner Shop at Wiener Stephansplatz
Address: Stephansplatz 7, Ecke Rotenturmstraße, 1010 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Sunday: 10am – 9pm
Virtual all-round tour through the Manner shop:


Naber – Coffee Roasting from Vienna

Where do the Viennese most like to spend their free time? Of course in one of the many coffee houses in the city. Coffee has a long tradition in Vienna as does the well-known coffee brand, Naber. Since 1905, the company has been a byword for high-quality coffee and not only in the catering trade but also in Naber’s own coffee houses. We can particularly recommend the „NBR“ in Wipplingerstraße 25. Here you will not only find excellent coffee – roasted in Vienna – but also a wonderful and extraordinary atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit!


Address: Wipplingerstrasse 25, 1010 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday, Sunday & public holiday closed


With or without – that is the question with Schwedenbomben

In 1890 the company, Niemetz was founded in Vienna and since 1926 their most successful product has been on the market – Schwedenbomben. Everyone has heard of them and most love these cream-filled sweets. Recently there were plans to discontinue the production of Schwedenbomben but thousands of supporters got together online to save this Viennese original. Successfully we are happy to report! The most important question relating to Schwedenbomben is „with or without“? Which refers to with or without coconut flakes. A question which borders on a question of faith for fans of this traditional company.


Most of the above-mentioned Viennese cult brands can be purchased from well-stocked food shops. If you have not yet tried them, we recommend that you do!

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