Vienna’s sausage stands

The best sausage stands in Vienna

It is slowly getting colder in Vienna and, unfortunately, it is more often than not too fresh to sit outside comfortably in the capital’s Schanigarten (outdoor restaurants and cafes). Nevertheless, anyone who wants to enjoy a snack outside has many possibilities to do so in Vienna. The Würstelstände (sausage stands) are open all year round! We have compiled a list of our favourites. A must for every visitor to Vienna!


Sausage stand Bitzinger – A true institution in the first district

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The best-known sausage stand in the city is the sausage stand Bitzinger, which is mentioned in every Vienna city guide. This sausage stand is impressive not only due to its amazing backdrop but also due to its colourful clientele. As a result of its central location in Vienna’s first district, directly between the Opera House and the Albertina, it is a popular meeting point for night owls, tourists and opera-goers alike. In addition to the classical sausages, such as Bratwurst (fried sausages), Käsekrainer (cheese-filled sausages) or Bosna (a spicy sausage), draught beer, wine and champagne is also available. You can expect longer waiting times due to the popularity of the stand, but it is well worth the wait.

The sausage stand Bitzinger is, however, not only in the first district but also in the Prater, where you can enjoy your sausage with a splendid view of the Giant Ferris Wheel and the Kaiserwiese (the “Emperor’s Meadow”).

Bitzinger at the Albertina
Location: between the Opera House and the Danubius fountain

Bitzinger at the Giant Ferris Wheel
Location: at the Kaiserwiese


Sausage stand Leo – Vienna’s oldest sausage stand

Turning from the most well-known sausage stand in Vienna, we can now mention the oldest sausage stand in the city: Sausage stand Leo on the Döbling ring road. This stand has been serving customers since 1928 and in this time it has served many well-known guests, among them the former Chancellor, Dr. Bruno Kreisky. The stand can be recommended for its wide range of products as you can choose from over 60 different dishes. Among others, the Riesenkäsekrainer (a huge cheese-filled sausage, also known as the Big Mama), which will make four people full, is particularly popular. The location of the Leo sausage stand is perfect if you want to enjoy a midnight snack before heading home after a night out in one of the many bars in Vienna’s Stadtbahnbögen (arches and station buildings of the former metropolitan railway, which are now home to many bars and clubs).

Sausage stand Leo
Location: Döblinger Gürtel 2, 1190 Vienna
Opening times:


Zum scharfen Rene – a must for every chilli fan

The hottest sausage stand of the city can be found at Schwarzenbergplatz in the first district. The owner is a huge fan of chilli and the stand has become famous especially for its spicy sauces and powders. But if you prefer things somewhat milder, you will also find something here. In addition, the sausage stand has already been voted the best sausage stand in the city by the Viennese.

Zum scharfen Rene
Location: Schwarzenbergplatz v.H. 15, 1010 Wien


Hildegard Wurst – trendy snack in the fourth district


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 Although Hildegard Wurst is not really a Viennese sausage stand in the traditional sense, we think that this trendy eating establishment should also be included in our list. Also here, the focus is on the sausage, to be more precise the hotdog, and there are many different types on offer. Additionally, you can choose between Frankfurter, organic beef sausages or tofu sausages. You will find the snack stand in the Operngasse but the hotdogs are also sold from a fiery-red vehicle at numerous events in Vienna.

Hildegard Wurst
Location: Operngasse 23, 1040 Vienna


The Messepalast – an indoor sausage stand with a bar feeling

Above all for those for whom it is already too cold to eat outside, we have an alternative: the sausage stand in the Donau. In the Techno Bar close to the lively Mariahilfer Straße, you will find the best-known indoor sausage stand in Vienna. You can choose from organic and vegan sausages. A perfect way to both start and end an evening on the town. However, the entrance is not so easy to find!

Donau – Messepalast
Location: Karl Schweighofer Gasse 10, 1070 Vienna


Sausage stand at the Hohen Markt – Vienna’s most popular sausage stand


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The sausage stand at the Hohen Markt has also been voted the most popular in Vienna by the Viennese. As the name already indicates, it is located at the Hohen Markt – at the heart of Vienna’s first district – on the corner of Tuchlauben and Mark Aurel Street. The sausage stand is not only a popular meeting place for business people at lunchtime but also for many tourists and, of course, night owls.

Würstelstand am Hohen Markt
Location: Hoher Markt 1, 1010 Vienna


Would you like to order something like a real Viennese? Then try it out and order: “A Eitrige mit an Schoafn, an Buggl und an 16er-Blech”. What will you get? If you have pronounced it correctly – a cheese-filled sausage with hot mustard, a piece of bread and a can of beer from the Viennese Ottakringer brewery. Simply try it out!


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