Vienna with Children

If you intend to spend a holiday in Vienna with children, then you should plan this well as there really is so much for young guests to discover.

Vienna has much more to offer than the well-known parks and the popular Children’s Museum for both younger as well as older children. And visitors to Vienna are guaranteed some relaxation during a sightseeing tour at one of the numerous playgrounds in the city. Whatever you want to do, you will be able to put together a suitable programme with children.


Children’s playgrounds – perfect for a little break from sightseeing

What could be better for children than a wonderful playground? Lots of space to run around, to climb and to jump around – all of this will bring a sparkle to every child’s eye. Playgrounds are also a perfect place to stop for a little break during a sightseeing tour.

Be it the expansive playground in the Stadtpark (City Park) or the adventure playground on the Robinson Island in the 19th district, children love them all. However, the playground on the Jesuitenwiese in the Prater is particularly special because here children could believe that they are in the Wild West. There are possibilities to climb a castle, to go down the very long slide or to try out the huge swing.

Playground in the Stadtpark
Address: Stadtpark, 1030 Vienna

Robinson Island Adventure Playground
Address: Greinergasse 7, 1190 Vienna

Jesuitenwiese Playground
Address: Jesuitenwiese, 1020 Vienna


The Danube Island – the all-rounder for free-time activities


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One of the most popular recreational areas of the Viennese is the Danube Island. Thanks to the wide range of activities which you can take part in, there is definitely something for everyone on the Island – whether cycling, beach volleyball, skating or simply sunbathing and going for a little boat trip.

The Danube Island is truly a paradise for children! Hardly any child will be able to resist the water playground which covers an area of 5,000m². And you can do all of this free of charge.

A further exciting attraction on the Danube Island is “Danube Jumping”. This is the largest floating trampoline area worldwide. You are guaranteed to have fun here with Vienna as a wonderful backdrop.

Danube Island Water Playground
Address: Donauinsel, 1220 Vienna

Danube Jumping
Address: Donauinsel/Reichsbrücke, 1220 Vienna
Opening times:


The World’s oldest zoo and horse whispering

Schönbrunn is probably one of the most well-known attractions in Vienna. And if you are on holiday in Vienna with children, a visit to the Schönbrunn Zoo is an absolute must. You can easily spend the entire day in the oldest zoo of the world, discovering all the different animal species.

And if that is not enough for you, you can also try your hand at horse whispering. Children are taught how to “read” the body language of horses.

You can find further details about the wide range of activities in Schönbrunn Zoo here.

Our tip: On every first Sunday of a month, tours for the whole family are organised. Diverse topics are dealt with and no registration is necessary.

Schönbrunn Zoo
Address: Maxingstraße 13b, 1130 Vienna
Family tours:
Opening times:


Alternatives for a rainy day


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Bad weather in Vienna cannot put any child in a bad mood. Above all, because of the many wonderful indoor playgrounds which are situated in the city.

Of particular note is the Family Fun playground as this is the largest indoor playground in Vienna. Everything that a child‘s heart desires can be found there, for example, a climbing garden, a darkened maze or bull riding, to name but a few. And for those requiring refreshment after taking part in all the activities, there is a pizzeria and a self-service restaurant.

Family Fun
Address: Breitenleerstrasse 77, 1220 Vienna
Opening times:


Many museums in Vienna offer special guided tours for children and these are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of younger visitors. We recommend that you check out the websites in order to see if registration is necessary. Here you can find out more about the many museums in Vienna.

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