Vienna off the beaten tourist track

Sights which you will not normally find in a travel guide

There are dozens of travel guides for the capital, Vienna. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Schönbrunn Palace, the Belvedere, the Vienna State Opera, the Naschmarkt (the most famous and most luxurious outdoor food market in Vienna) or the Museum Quarter – these are the top spots for visitors to the city. However, there are some places which you will not readily find in a travel guide and here we would like to give you a few insider tips which are off the beaten (tourist) track.


Discover old Vienna in the böhmischen (Bohemian) Prater

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It is a journey into a long-forgotten past for both young and old when you visit the wonderful Bohemian Prater, which is regarded as the young “brother” of the world-famous Wurstelprater (a large amusement park). For centuries, people have visited here to have fun – in the heart of Favoriten, a traditional workers’ district in Vienna – with rides, candy floss, a traditional Viennese sausage and a beer or a white wine spritzer in one of the many eating establishments.

The rides and attractions, which are particularly suitable for small children, will evoke feelings of nostalgia in adult visitors. In the warmer months of the year, the nearby park offers a great opportunity for longer walks which are made easier due to the marked paths.


The Danube plateau – where Vienna reaches for the sky

You will also find them in Vienna – skyscrapers. In Vienna’s 22nd district, Donaustadt, there is quite a concentration of high and modern office buildings and residential towers in the so-called Danube plateau. The highest building in Austria – the DC Tower – is located not far from the world-famous UNO City, the Danube Tower and the recreational area, the Alte Donau (literally, the Old Danube). Its specially designed exterior should remind any onlooker of the Danube. Within a short period of time, the DC Tower has developed into a popular photo motif – above all, the perspective from the nearby Danube Island is impressive.


A sea of flowers on the outskirts of Vienna


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A truly special excursion can be made to a destination on the very furthest outskirts of the city, across the Danube in Transdanubien – the Flower Gardens in Hirschstetten. Regardless of the season, you can visit the Gardens free of charge. There is even a Christmas market here, which is very popular with the Viennese.

It is worth visiting the Gardens to experience a small and interesting selection of flora and fauna from all over the world. The Flower Gardens are rather a park, which give both young and older visitors the chance to enter a world of flowers and plants. And of course there are also all kinds of insects, birds, goats and other animals to admire.

A particular highlight is the small village directly in the middle of the Flower Gardens which is a little reminiscent of the nearby Weinviertel (literally: Wine Quarter) or the wine-producing regions of Vienna. You can not only get married here but there is an excellent restaurant for early birds with music.


Jedlersdorf – where the Viennese go to the Heurigen

 The Heuriger, which literally refers to “this year’s wine“, is also the name of the taverns where local wine producers offer their new wine. Heuriger are synonomous with Viennese Gemütlichkeit (=cosiness). If you visit Vienna, you simply have to visit one of these wine taverns. An authentic Heuriger experience awaits you in Jedlersdorf, to be more precise in Amtsstraße.

But also in one of the largest districts in the city, in Florisdorf, you will find one Heuriger after the other. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find the right place for you. From stylish and modern to rustic, an atmosphere which is greatly appreciated by the Viennese. Most of the Heuriger in Jedlersdorf have large gardens for their guests to while away the hours and these are often not visible from the street. Especially in summer, you will find wonderful, cool and quiet spots to enjoy a white wine spritzer or a glass of the locally-produced wine from the Viennese vintners and the Heuriger owners.


Stray from the beaten track and discover something new. Vienna has much more to offer than what is contained in some travel guides. Our blog can help you out!


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