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In some economic sectors, there is a growing trend towards digital nomads. But what does this term, from the so-called “NewWork” sphere, actually mean? Digital nomads work independently from their place of residence or from their country of origin. Probably the most striking feature of the digital nomad is their laptop, likely their most important working tool, as well as the question which always arises whenever they enter an establishment: “Is there Wi-Fi here?” In this blog, we summarise cool and suitable workplaces for national and international digital nomads as well as for visitors to Vienna who want or have to work a little while on holiday or during a city trip.


Café Caspar: between Vienna’s City Hall and the University of Vienna


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The location of Café Caspar in Grillparzerstraße in the city’s first district is ideal and central. This is, however, not a classic co-working space. Despite this, the relaxing living room atmosphere is highly conducive to working.

A student audience as well as the varying and freshly prepared lunch menus provide the icing on the cake, making you feel comfortable and, of course, allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Café Caspar
Address: Grillparzerstraße 6 , 1010 Vienna
Website: www,
Opening times: www,


Cocoquadrat: Workplace and coffee shop in Wieden


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Definitely one of the most popular co-working spaces in Vienna is the Cocoquadrat in the city’s fourth district, Wieden. Well located on the 13a bus route, the space of the former media manager, Wolfgang Bretschko, is also very easy to reach from Vienna city centre with various tram lines.

The lower area is designed and furnished as a classic coffee shop with great attention to detail. There are healthy snacks, as well as lunch dishes and cakes and pastries for your coffee afterwards. This is a wonderful place to work in peace or if you want to make video calls. In summer the Cocoquadrat also has a small outdoor area. And YES, Wi-Fi is available here!

Address: Wiedner Hauptstraße 65, 1040 Vienna
Opening times:


ZIMMER 1080 – Working in Concept in Josefstadt


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There are many very beautiful and stylish co-working spaces in Vienna. One such hotspot for creative people, agencies, one-person businesses and digital nomads is ZIMMER in the city’s eighth district, Josefstadt. Probably the highest quality furnished space in the whole of Vienna. Vitra furniture and Midgaard lamps, for example, are just a couple of highlights worth a mention.

The front part of ZIMMER 1080 is perfect for a productive work session. The space is also located directly on Vienna’s 13a bus route and just a short walk from Parliament and Vienna City Hall.

Address: Piaristengasse 8, 1080 Vienna
Opening times:


Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration directly adjacent to the so-called “Green Prater”


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First of all, why not visit the world-famous amusement park, the “Wurstelprater”? Afterwards you can run up – or down – the main alley of the “Green Prater”, finishing off with an hour or two of work. It is very easy to do all of this in Vienna – on the spacious grounds of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (known by the Viennese as the WU), situated directly next to the “Green Prater”.

Here there are not only a number of restaurants and bars where you can work with a very good Wi-Fi connection, but also some public spaces for university students as well as for digital nomads and those aspiring to become one. The student presence here is, naturally, great, especially in the university months but, along with the hustle and bustle, there is a very special atmosphere of thirst for knowledge and productivity.

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Address: Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna


In Vienna, there are many wonderful places for digital nomads to work for a few hours during their city trip. A strong WLAN, enough space and storage areas for the laptop and nothing stands in the way of productive work.


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