Vienna and the prettiest places in late summer

Enjoy a wonderful late summer in Vienna

Slowly but surely, high summer is drawing to a close also in Vienna. However, before the golden autumn arrives, we can look forward to a wonderful late summer. The capital attracts visitors all year round and offers amazing places to discover in any season. And, therefore, also in late summer.


Hotspot of the season: Copa Beach

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The former Copa Cagrana was one of the hotspots in the city during the Football World Cup 2018 but not only then. Even in the absence of any major sporting event, the Copa Beach (the new name for the Copa Cagrana) remains a place which is well worth a visit. The location was totally renovated and there is now absolutely no sign of the grubby image which it had for a number of years.

You do not even need to travel for ten minutes with the U1 underground line to delve into another world. Here you have the possibility to jump into the Danube, to enjoy a real beach feeling, to relax while at the same time having enough opportunities for various sports. In front of you, green and blue, namely the Danube and the recreational area, the Danube Island. In the background, the modern skyline of Vienna on the Danube plateau with the highest building in Austria, the DC Tower. The Copa Beach also offers a wide range of culinary delights. The „container village“ is truly hip and there is something to please all tastes.

Copa Beach
Address: 1220 Vienna


Grinzing: Traditional Heurigen region

Grinzing, rich in tradition, is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Vienna. You will see little of the Vienna which is a metropolis of international standing. The village character shows the old, the real Vienna. Especially in summer, it is particularly bustling. Grinzing is truly one of the major tourist attractions of the city.

However, when August is drawing to a close, it does become quieter again. The Viennese once again appreciate their walks through the vineyards in Grinzing, the orginal village centre and, of course, a visit to one of the numerous Heurigen (taverns where local winemakers serve their new wine). A white wine spritzer followed by bread with Liptauer (a spicy cheese spread) or dripping in an authentic atmosphere are simply the highlight of a Sunday trip to Grinzing. This part of Döbling (Vienna’s 19th district), probably one of the prettiest, can easily be reached by public transport


Destination for an excursion: Wilhelminenberg


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In high summer, more Viennese tend to be drawn to open-air pools rather than the nearby mountains. Although the term „mountain“ is relative as what the Viennese refer to as their „house mountains“ are more hills in some of the outer districts. One of these „mountains“ is the Wilhelminenberg. A local recreational area which is perfect for hiking and walking. Especially pretty are the points where you can not only look over the vineyards but where you can also have a great view of Vienna. Here you can quietly observe and enjoy the Danube metropolis from above. You can just relax or have a picnic on one of the dozens of meadows on Wilhelminenberg.

The beginning of the Vienna Woods offers – in addition to hiking – shady places where you can cool down. This experience of nature is exceptional for a city. Here, at the heart of an urban area, you can discover wild game, foxes or rabbits. A culinary highlight is the Villa Aurora. A popular wedding location with a marvellous view of Vienna.


The largest (wild) animal park in the city


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If you hear the words, zoo or animal park, in the context of Vienna, one thing springs to mind: Schönbrunn, the oldest zoo of the world. However, there is another place where you can observe animals. And not in cages but rather in the wild. We are of course talking about the Lainzer Tiergarten. Wild boars, deer, foxes and many other wild animals live here. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch and admire them in their natural habitat.

The recreational area is also popular with those who love long walks or hikes. You can walk for hours through a natural area, a primeval forest on the outskirts of the city jungle. And naturally, and not surprisingly, the Lainzer Tiergarten offers a culinary highlight – the Hermesvilla. A gift from Emperor Franz Josep to his Elisabeth, better known as Empress Sissi. The former hunting lodge offers a wide range of food: from fine dinners to coffee and cake in the afternoons.

Lainzer Tiergarten
Lainzer Gate: Hermesstraße, 1130 Vienna
Gütenbach Gate: Gütenbachstraße, 1230 Vienna
Nikolai Gate: Nikolausgasse, 1130 Vienna
Laaber Gate: Tiergartenstraße, 2381 Laab im Walde
Opening times:


Above all in late summer, Vienna shows its prettiest side. Trips to the outskirts of the city are not only a possibility but should be a fixed part of any visit to Vienna.

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