Urban Picnics in Vienna

Enjoy a relaxed picnic in the heart of Vienna

What could be nicer in the warmer months than to grab a blanket, some good food and cool drinks and to have a picnic outside? If you are staying in Vienna, you don’t even have to travel to the countryside or to the outer districts of the city to have a picnic. There are enough places in the centre of the city where you can go to a meadow with your picnic basket and friends.


Volksgarten in the city centre


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Situated opposite the Austrian parliament, between the Hofburg (Imperial Palace) and the Burgtheater (Imperial Court Theatre), you will find the Volksgarten (People’s Garden). A wonderful park, which is not only visited by tourists. In the front part of the park, its dozens of rose bushes – above all in spring when they are in full blossom – provide a wonderful location for an Instagram photo session.

You will discover more than enough spots to have a picnic behind and next to the imposing and magnificent Theseus Temple. The advantage is that the green areas are very well looked after and you can while away the time until late into the evening.

Address: 1010 Vienna


Jesuitenwiese in the Wiener Prater


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Where do the Viennese go in summer to have a picnic, to celebrate a birthday or simply life? To the Jesuitenwiese (literally, the Jesuits’ Meadow) in the green Prater! The ecological lungs of the city of Vienna also offer numerous possibilities for free-time activities, amongst others, walking, riding, cycling, running or balancing on a slackline.

In summer, city dwellers flock to their Prater. Between the Kaiserwiese (opposite Praterstern) and the Jesuitenwiese, hundreds of picnic blankets are laid out and food and drinks are unpacked from rucksacks and picnic baskets. On a sunny Sunday in summer, there is a truly festival-like atmosphere here.

Address: 1020 Vienna


Sigmund Freud Park with a view to the Votivkirche


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You will not experience a more urban picnic in Vienna than one had in the Sigmund Freud Park. Although it is actually situated between very busy roads, this does not hinder young people or students from the University of Vienna’s institutes nearby from spending the warmer days of the year here.

If you are seeking something loud, young and urban, this is the place to be. The Sigmund Freud Park is like a green island in the truest sense of the word, between the stressful and loud city life. And what else makes this park so special? The wonderful view of the Votivkirche. At sunset, the large, various spotlights light up this neo-Gothic church. A great photo subject for Facebook and Instagram.

Sigmund Freud Park
Address: Universitätsstraße 6, 1090 Vienna


Burggarten at the heart of Vienna


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A visit to the Burggarten in the centre of the city is a must for anyone who wants to get to know the capital. The young people of the city, in particular, visit the garden with their picnic baskets when the weather is good. Especially in summer, it can get really crowded on the grass in the Burggarten.

For example, hundreds of people spend their lunch breaks here or take a short break in the garden after a stressful day at work. In the evenings, the park belongs to the young of Vienna. Music can be heard from the speakers on their mobile phones, they sit together, chatting and possibly even flirting.

Address: Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna


Especially in summer, the many parks in Vienna offer the perfect backdrop to a picnic. You can lie almost everywhere on the grass and have a great time. Wonderful for locals and tourists alike!


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