Rainy Day Programme in Vienna – Part 2

So many things to do on rainy days in Vienna!

Gloomy days and bad weather will not stop anyone from having a great time in Vienna. Because the capital has great opportunities for everyone, even on rainy days. For example, we recommend exciting “Escape the Room” games, an informative tour of the catacombs or how about a classic visit to a coffee house? Such alternatives make a holiday in Vienna so unique.


Escape the Room – pure excitement


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Thinking under pressure and stress can be difficult at times. And this is made even more difficult when you are trying to “escape” from a room. Exactly this kind of thrill is also gaining popularity in Vienna.

The name of this concept is Escape the Room and it offers various scenarios for groups of players, from two to eight, depending on the game. Players, for example, have to break out of a prison or escape from a mine. The aim is, with the help of collecting and combining clues, to solve the many puzzles in order to ultimately find the escape route and freedom!

Time-Busters GmbH
Website: https://www.time-busters.at/
Western Jailbreak – Rembrandtstraße 24, 1020 Vienna
Mine – Rembrandtstraße 24, 1020 Vienna
Vault – Untere Augartenstraße 42, 1020 Vienna
Tomb of Montezuma – Untere Augartenstraße 42, 1020 Vienna
Control Chamber – Untere Augartenstraße 42, 1020 Vienna


The constantly popular classic – coffee and cinema


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If not in Vienna, – where else can you sit in a coffee house all day long, eating delicious cakes and watching the world go by on the streets outside? As Vienna is famous for its coffee house culture, choosing the right coffee house is by no means an easy task. Fortunately our two blogs – Coffee House Tradition in Vienna and Coffee House Tradition in Vienna, Part 2 – will help you make the right choice.

A classic visit to the cinema is the most popular alternative on rainy days. Vienna, however, goes one step better in terms of cinemas. Instead of simply paying a visit to the mainstream cinemas, you can try out a diverse range of cinemas showing independent films (at times in original version). You can find out more in our blog: Cinemas in Vienna.


The catacombs beneath St. Stephan’s Cathedral


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Vienna’s landmark – referred to by many as only „Steffl“ – is extremely popular with those on holiday in Vienna. However, not many people know that they can also visit the catacombs beneath the Cathedral. The extraordinary tour begins in the older, renovated part of the cellar. Here you will discover the graves of bishops and the aristocracy, including the Habsburgs. Afterwards, the basement increasingly becomes a true crypt with low ceilings and long, dark corridors, with bones and skulls!

If a visit to the catacombs is too scary for you, there are numerous alternatives. Vienna is home to over 100 museums, each with a different focus. From the well-known Natural History Museum and the Technical Museum to the Children’s Museum, there is definitely something interesting for everyone. You can find out more detailed information in our two blogs: Museums in Vienna and Museums in Vienna – Part 2.

St. Stephan’s Cathedral
Adress: Stephansplatz 3/4/7, 1010 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Saturday: 6am – 10pm
Sunday, Public Holidays: 7am – 10pm
Tours of the Catacombs: http://www.stephanskirche.at/visitCatacombs.php


Submerge yourself in Vienna – literally!


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If you feel in need of some relaxation on your holiday in Vienna or if you are looking for a finale to an excellent Vienna trip, a visit to the Therme Wien (Vienna Spa) is always a great idea. This spa offers something for everyone due to its amazing facilities. In addition to the many different types of pools, there is also a large sauna area, the possibility to have a massage, quiet rooms in which to relax as well as slides for the more lively – whatever you want, you will find it here.

Our Tip: The Vienna Spa is connected to Vienna‘s underground network. The U1 line takes guests from the heart of Vienna directly to the Spa (final station, Oberlaa) in only 15 minutes.

Therme Wien
Adress: Kurbadstraße 14, 1100 Vienna
Website: https://www.thermewien.at/
Opening times:
Monday – Saturday: 9am – 10pm
Sunday, Public Holidays: 8am – 10pm


In order to avoid frustrating queues and to save time, you can book many tickets and tours in advance online. Simply check out the websites which we always add for your convenience!


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