Petting Zoos in and around Vienna

Our favourite petting zoos in and around Vienna

If you are animal lover, we have something special for you in this blog – the most beautiful petting zoos in and around Vienna. A perfect place to go for an afternoon outing on your holiday in Vienna. And it’s not only children’s hearts which will beat faster.


Petting zoo at Schloss Hof

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The Schloss Hof estate boasts around 200 animals. Particular attention is paid to old Austrian breeds of domestic animals, such as the Stein chicken, one of the oldest breeds of chicken from Styria, Austria, or the white donkeys with blue eyes typical of the Baroque period. Visitors will also discover exotic animals like camels, white peacocks or minpigs as well as other rare breeds.

The famous white Lipizzaner or the strong Noriker (rare heavy horses) are used for coach rides at Schloss Hof. Children have the chance to get to know the mini Shetland ponies better on pony rides.

Our tip: With the Twin City Liner, the journey to Schloss Hof is an adventure in itself. Departure is at 9:00 a.m. from the Vienna City ship station at Schwedenplatz to Hainburg, after which a free shuttle bus takes visitors to Schloss Hof. The return trip from Hainburg is at 4:20 p.m., and around one hour later you will be back in Vienna.

Schloss Hof Estate
Address: Schloss Hof 1, 2294 Schloßhof
Opening hours:


Vienna Kids Farm in the heart of Vienna

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The Vienna Kids Farm is located in the middle of Vienna’s Lobau. This really huge adventure park covers an impressive area of more than 15,000 m² – and it is easy to forget that you are in the middle of the large city of Vienna. Whether green, spacious play areas, a large tepee, pony rides, hiking or the petting zoo – every child’s dream is fulfilled here.

In particular, the many animals are just waiting to be petted and fed by visitors. Dogs, donkeys, pigs, chickens, goats or sheep – with such a variety of animals, every child is sure to find their personal favourite very quickly.

In addition, above all in summer, the natural bathing areas of the Lobau are the perfect location for a refreshing dip in the cool water, as these are among the most beautiful bathing areas in Vienna.

Vienna Kids Farm
Address: Fuchshäufelgasse 1, 1220 Vienna
Opening hours:


Streichelzoo in Vienna’s Favoriten

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The animal enclosure at the Oberlaa Kurpark (literally, spa park) – not to be confused with the Oberlaa patisserie, of course – is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful petting zoos in Vienna. It is located in the 10th district of Vienna, Favoriten, and is surrounded by a wonderful garden. Characteristic for the spa park are also the many water features and ponds, for example, the Swan Lake or the Water Lily Pond.

The heart of the park, however, is the animal enclosure, which is home to various livestock breeds. From alpacas to dwarf goats to sheep, the animals live together with their young, which you can easily pet through the fence. However, the species-appropriate environment offered to the animals in the Oberlaa Kurpark is particularly exciting and educational at the same time, especially for children.

And it is not only animal lovers and plant fans who are attracted to the Kurpark – sports enthusiasts also get their money’s worth. There are not only fields for ball games and a children’s playground suitable for wheelchairs, but also a climbing wall, a skater park and table soccer and table tennis facilities.

Kurpark Oberlaa
Address: Laaer-Berg-Straße, 1100 Vienna
Opening hours:


Animals in the Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark

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Located in grounds covering a huge 354,000 m², the Pötzleinsdorf Palace Park offers a variety of attractions. Visitors get their money’s worth here, as this park is considered one of the most beautiful destinations for a day trip in Vienna’s 18th district. You will definitely be spoilt for choice here as you will discover playgrounds and sunbathing areas, which are perfect for a picnic, sports facilities, the Pötzleinsdorf Castle and animal enclosures.

The animal enclosures, by the way, first opened in the 1980s. The animals, above all sheep and dwarf goats, are particularly child-friendly and sociable. But bear in mind that there is a strict feeding ban! Animal welfare is also a top priority in the modernised enclosure. There are separate areas for the sheep and goats, numerous hayracks, licking salt and always clean drinking water for the ‘residents’.

Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark
Address: Geymüllergasse Pötzleinsdorfer, Schloßpark, 1180 Vienna
Opening hours:


When you talk about animals in Vienna, you can hardly avoid mentioning Schönbrunn Zoo. In addition to a huge number of animal species, the oldest zoo in the world also offers its visitors – both young and young at heart – a petting zoo with pygmy goats and pony rides.


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