Parks in Vienna

If it’s too hot in the city, you should look for a shady spot in one of Vienna’s parks!

It can get very hot in Vienna, especially in summer. Residents and tourists alike look forward to cooling off and shade – and the numerous Viennese parks offer both. Here too, there is something for every taste and as usual in Vienna, all the parks have great gastronomic options.


Relaxation in the centre as well as one of the best restaurants in the world.

The largest park in the centre of Vienna is Stadtpark, which is located directly on Ringstraße. The park was opened around 1860, making it Vienna’s first public park. This park is especially famous for its numerous sculptures. The most famous one is probably the Johann Strauss monument. The statue of the Viennese Waltz King is one of the most photographed spots in Vienna.

Stadtpark also offers a variety of culinary delights. Like the food festival called “Genuss Festival” once a year. In addition to the Espresso Mobil, the Kursalon Hübner invites tourists and locals to enjoy cakes and coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. A culinary highlight of the upscale class is the gourmet restaurant Steirereck, one of the world’s best restaurants. The best breakfast of the city can also be enjoyed in the same building, a restaurant called “Meierei im Stadtpark”. The service as well as the location and the view are very special. The city park is the green lung of the Viennese inner city and a hot spot in summer, but this should not stop you from visiting.

Restaurant Steirereck:
Meierei im Stadtpark:

Young, urban, and a piece of Palm House pie.

The Burggarten is the number one summer hot spot, particularly for younger and urban Viennese. The park is also located in the centre of Vienna and directly on Ringstraße. In summer it can be difficult to find a suitable place on the grass. Nearly 100 years ago, the park was opened to the public and is still very popular. The Palm House next to the Burggarten is a real architectural gem. It is a café and restaurant with a beautiful view of the Burggarten from the wonderful terrace. Our tip: try the Palm House pie! In the left wing of the Palm House is the butterfly house, with its tropical flora and fauna.

In the summer months, there is an additional highlight: The mares and foals of the nearby Spanish Riding School are led into the park to spend a little time. So if you are lucky, you get the chance to see the world famous big white and small black Lipizzaner there.

Palm House:

Bunker, Augarten porcelain, and the Vienna Boys Choir.

The Augarten is located in Leopoldstadt, not far from the centre of Vienna. The 52.2 hectare baroque park is definitely worth a visit, whether in the summer or other seasons. None of the Viennese parks offer such exciting diversity as the Augarten. There are wide avenues for strolling and extensive green areas for picnics. There you’ll find the beautiful Augartenpalais, the official home of the world-famous Vienna Boys Choir and their new concert hall the MuTh, A must see for true fans. Another highlight is Augarten castle, in which the Augarten Porcelain Manufactory, famous far beyond Vienna and Austria, can be found. The porcelain manufacturers have also been running their own coffee house for the past few years in this wonderful ensemble and area. So if the Augarten crockery is not affordable, you can still enjoy coffee and cake on this cultural porcelain.

The Augarten is a popular destination for locals and tourists especially in summer. The famous Bunkerei is also a well-known restaurant in Vienna. The name of the restaurant is based on the two gigantic FLAK towers from the Second World War, which stand out in front of you as a memorial to heaven.

Vienna Boys Choir:
Augarten Porcelain Manufactory:

Vienna’s most beautiful park is located in the first district.

Probably the most beautiful of all Viennese parks is the Volksgarten. Compared to the city park or the Augarten, this small park is located between Burgtheater, Parliament, and Heldenplatz. Especially spring, when the roses bloom, both locals and tourists whip out their smartphones to capture the perfect picture. But not only the thousand roses are worth a photo. In the middle of the Volksgarten is the Theseus temple, another very popular photo subject, especially for bridal couples. The steps of the temple are a good spot to take a break.

You can also dance in the Volksgarten all night long – namely in the club with the same name, which is very famous in Vienna. If you prefer something more quiet, you can visit the Volksgarten Pavilion next to the club, one of the most popular outdoor locations in the city. The legendary Techno Café with national and international DJs has been held there every Tuesday for many years. It is recommended you arrive early to avoid long queues.

Volksgarten Diskothek:
Volksgarten Pavillon:

Buy food and drinks, pack a blanket and your favourite book, and enjoy the atmosphere in one of the numerous Viennese parks.

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