Parking in Vienna

Parking spaces and parking facilities in Vienna

In a large city, parking spaces are always a rare commodity – and Vienna is no exception. However, in addition to the various short-term parking zones in Vienna, which can only be used with parking tickets or by those with parking permits, there are also a number of options for long-term parking. There is no need to let the annoying search for a parking space spoil your holiday mood!


A different kind of mobile parking: find and use private garages via an app


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Payuca uses a simple yet effective possibility to park in Vienna for a longer period of time: if you personally do not need a parking space, you can make it available to others. With this concept, private garage owners can offer their free parking spaces to other car drivers. Effective parking space management!

The whole system works via an app. First, you have to register, and then you buy credits. Once you have done this, you can look for free garage spaces all over Vienna, and even reserve them up to three hours in advance. As soon as the app is connected to the garage, the parking process starts. Later, the rental process can be concluded just as easily.

PAYUCA Smart Parking


Park & Ride – from your car to public transport


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On the outskirts of Vienna, you will find many Park & Ride facilities, P&R for short. These are either large car parks or garages where you can park your car, mostly free of charge or for a small fee. It couldn’t be easier to switch from your car to public transport. All information about the public transport network in Vienna can be found in our blog post – Moving through Vienna.

There are many advantages to travelling around Vienna in this very popular way. On the one hand, you save yourself the hassle of looking for a parking space and the stress of traffic jams while, on the other hand, it is cheap, comfortable and also good for the environment. Thus, one can visit St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Naschmarkt and Co easily and stress-free.

Park & Ride


Parking for a brief time in the short-term parking zones


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As the name already suggests, parking is only allowed for a short period of time in many districts of Vienna. How short the periods actually are, and how long they are valid varies from district to district. But be careful as there are also individual regulations which are sign-posted accordingly.

If you would like to park in a short-term parking zone, you definitely need a parking ticket or parking permit. Parking tickets can be purchased from the special parking machines, nearby shops or online via a mobile phone parking app. Parking permits are issued to residents, allowing them to park their vehicles in Vienna for a longer period of time.

Short-term parking zones
Important – Before you park your car in Vienna, be sure to find out about how long you can park your vehicle in the short-term parking zones in the respective district in advance:


Parking garages all over Vienna


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If, on the other hand, you are looking for underground car parks to park in, you will find what you are looking for at WIPARK. With over 20,000 parking spaces throughout Vienna, you will definitely find the perfect parking space in close proximity to your own CheckVIENNA apartment.

APCOA Parking is another provider of multi-storey car parks, car parks and garages. Via an app or their website, you can choose between long-term parking, Park & Ride or Park & Fly – if you wish to park at the airport.

BOE, on the other hand, is the top dog as far as parking management companies are concerned. The well-kept garages, machines which are easy to operate and a continuously staffed call centre speak for themselves.

But it is important to note: although underground garages are a very comfortable way to avoid the strenuous search for a parking space in the city, they are certainly not the cheapest possibility to park in Vienna.

Overview of all parking garages in Vienna:

WIPARK Garage GmbH
Website – Locations in Vienna:

APCOA Parking
Website – Locations in Vienna:

BOE Garage and building management
Website – Garages:


Parking without a ticket and cash


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Finally, we have to mention the concept of P Card, which enables you to park without a ticket or cash! This is a card which you can use to park at all partners without annoying parking tickets, because the P Card replaces the ticket.

The system is easy: insert the card into the designated slots at the car park’s barriers as usual, but there is no need to validate the card at the ticket machines. On the website, you will find all costs for the card and these are paid once a month. This not only saves you the parking ticket, the validation and the associated waiting time, but you can also park up to 50% cheaper at many locations.

P Card


If you need more information about parking possibilities in Austria’s capital, you will find a list of all the locations of parking garages in Vienna on this website:


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