Ice skating in Vienna

13Ice skating in the heart of the city or on the “old” Danube – Vienna offers many options

Ice skating is the winter sport for city dwellers. In Vienna, there are more than enough possibilities to put on your ice skating shoes and to skate a few rounds on the ice. Both young and old can have fun ice skating and it is a welcome change in the cold months.


At Engelmann high above the roofs of Vienna


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Most Viennese learned to ice-skate at “Engelmann”. The first and oldest ice rink in Austria – as well as worldwide – is today still very popular. And the best thing about it? The ice rink is situated almost in the middle of the city in its 17th district, Hernals. It will take you less than ten minutes to reach Hernals by public transport from the city centre. The fact that the ice rink is located on the roof of a building is what makes Engelmann so special. You can skate around above the roofs of the capital. A unique experience for locals and visitors alike thanks to the fantastic view.

At Engelmann it is no problem if you don’t have ice skates as you can hire them here. You can simply go there without having to take or own ice skates. There is also usually a café serving coffee, cakes and classic dishes. Which means that you don’t have to go home hungry after your sports activity.

Address: Syringgasse 6-14, 1170 Vienna
Opening times:


An ice skater’s paradise at Vienna’s Town Hall Square


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One of the prettiest ice rinks in Vienna is located in front of the city’s Town Hall. It is appropriately called the “Wiener Eistraum”, literally the Viennese Ice Dream. The backdrop is amazing and the rink is large enough to accommodate those who are more expert skaters as well as those who skate just for fun. There is, in addition, a huge range of stands offering food and drink as well as a Radio Wien disco. There is no way that any visitor could get bored here!

In the run up to this ice skating event, in Advent, there is a smaller version of the ice rink at the Town Hall Square. We can highly recommend this too. Ice-skating in Advent and afterwards you can enjoy a punch or a mulled wine at your CheckVIENNA apartment or, if possible, at the world famous Christmas Market at the Town Hall Square. This is a must on a visit to Vienna at this time. The atmosphere and the mood are simply fitting in the pre-Christmas period.

Wiener Eistraum
Address: Rathausplatz 1, 1010 Vienna
Opening times:


Ice skating on the “old” Danube


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You are visiting Vienna in the colder moths but you aren’t a fan of artificial ice rinks? No problem! The Alte Donau (literally, the “old” Danube“) is extremely popular with the Viennese in winter. In summer, you can find the Viennese here in the natural waters, swimming, on boats or simply relaxing. But when the temperature sinks and the ice is thick and strong enough, hundreds of ice skaters flock here.

One of the most popular spots for ice skating is on the Old Danube, in Vienna’s 21st district, Florisdorf, which can easily be reached with the U6 underground line (exit at Neue Donau station). Another super spot can be found in Vienna’s 22nd district, Donaustadt at the U1 underground station, Alte Donau. From here, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view – on one side you can marvel at the modern skyscrapers and the UNO City while on the other side you will discover the popular swimming area, Gänsehäufel

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. This is an institution in Vienna which appears to fall into a deep sleep over winter.

It is important to bear in mind that these are natural waters and, therefore, you have to be very cautious. Vienna’s regional media regularly provide information as to the thickness of the ice and recommendations as to when it is safe to ice skate here.

Ice-skating on the Old Danube
Address: Alte Donau, 1220 Vienna
Opening times:
Access free of charge, depending on the weather


Ice skating in the city centre at Heumarkt


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The Wiener Eislaufverein (Viennese Ice Skating Society) is located at Heumarkt, in Vienna’s city centre. The special round dance which is practised here, is even listed as one of UNESCO’s Intangible World Cultural Heritages. Everyone is invited to dance and there are also courses offered in this special form of ice skating. At Heumarkt you can skate until late into the evening. The rink is a ten-minute walk from St. Stephan’s Cathedral and is close to the city’s Statdpark (City Park). Fantastic fun for the young and not so young!

The atmosphere here is very special which is partly due to the fact that the Wiener Musikverein is a direct neighbour of the ice rink. For those who didn’t learn ice skating at Englemann, there is a high probability that they first tried out ice skating here. Refreshments are usually also available. The café here is typical for a Viennese ice rink and includes a wide range of snacks and smaller dishes as well as warm drinks.

Wiener Eislauf-Verein
Address: Lothringerstraße 22, 1030 Vienna
Opening times:


If you visit Vienna in winter, you should really not miss the chance to do a few rounds on the ice. No matter whether with a partner or with the whole family
. You are guaranteed to have a great time!


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