Heurigen culture in Vienna

Autumn in Vienna is also the time for the Heurigen, the traditional wine taverns where local winemakers serve the new wine, which, along with the wine culture and the old traditions of the Viennese Heurigen areas, are celebrated.

At no other season are the Viennese so strongly drawn to the Heurigen than in autumn. Autumn is the time for grapes, vineyards and wine festivals. Within the Vienna city boundaries, approximately 700 hectare are devoted to wine growing and every year a total of 20,000 hectolitres of wine are produced by the Viennese vintners and wine-growers. These are distributed over the entire city and well-known and popular wine-growers – and therefore the Heurigen – can, for example, be found in Neustift am Walde, Grinzing (19th district, Döbling), Stammersdorf (21st district, Floridsdorf), Ottakring or Nussberg in Döbling.


Enjoy a glass of wine with one of the best views of the city


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 Florisdorf, an outer district situated in the northern part of the city, has much to offer in terms of Heurigen. Strebersdorf, Großjedlersdorf as well as Stammersdorf, well-known far beyond the city boundaries, are wine-growing areas. Here you are spoilt for choice with dozens of Heurigen to choose from – you can visit a Heurigen on the main street in Stammersdorf or you can walk up the Kellergasse (a street containing wine cellars and press-houses) in Stammersdorf until you almost reach the border with Lower Austria (one of the nine provinces in Austria).

The “Heuriger zur Christl” is located in the Kellergasse and has one of the prettiest terraces in the city. The Heurigen stands out due to its wide range of typical dishes as well as its extensive wine list with selected wines. In autumn you can also try out a wonderful Sturm (a young wine that is basically fermented freshly pressed grape juice) and various grape juices.

Heuriger zur Christl
Address: Stammersdorfer Kellergasse 83, 1210 Vienna
Website: www.zurchristl.at
Opening times: www.zurchristl.at/oeffnungszeiten


An insider tip (still) at Nussberg in Döbling

Next to Stammersdorf is Döbling, the second largest wine-growing district in Vienna. There are also various parts of this district in which wine is paid homage to, for example in Sievering, Neustift am Walde or Grinzing. In the last few years, the Nussberg in Nussdorf has become a hot spot. In traditional Buschenschanken (very similar to Heurigen) you can enjoy a glass of wine directly in the vineyards.

The “top dogs” at Nussberg are the “Heuriger Sirbu” and “Mayer am Nussberg” as well as “Wieninger am Nussberg”, which is particularly special because of the amazing view it offers of Vienna, Kahlenberg and the Danube reaching out to Lower Austria. The culinary delights on offer are definitely a reason to visit. High-quality regional products and prize-winning Wieninger wines, such as the world-famous Wiener Gemischte Satz (a wine produced from two or more different grape varieties) await you. However, Wieninger is only open when the weather is good. The taverns at Nussberg can easily be reached with the “Wiener Heurigen Express”, which makes even the journey to and from the Heurigen something special.

Wieninger am Nussberg
Address: Eichelhofweg 125, 1190 Vienna
Website: www.wieninger-am-nussberg.at
Opening times: www.wieninger-am-nussberg.at/kontakt

Mayer am Nussberg
Address: Kahlenberger Straße ggü. 210, 1190 Vienna
Opening times: www.mayeramnussberg.at/#adresse

Heruiger Sirbu
Address: Kahlenberger Str. 210, 1190 Vienna
Websiste: www.sirbu.at
Opening times: www.sirbu.at/#heuriger-sirbu-kontakt

Vienna Heuriger Express
Website: www.liliputbahn.com


Josefstadt: Wine and Heurigen culture in the heart of the city


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 The eighth district in Vienna – Josefstadt, directly behind the Rathaus (the Town Hall) – is not particularly known as a wine area. But here you will find the most charming Heurigen in the entire city. An institution in this district and meanwhile no longer an insider tip: the “Weinstube Josefstadt”. Above all in summer, the wonderful inner court garden, with its welcoming and shady ambience, offers a perfect opportunity to cool down. The Heurigen buffet leaves nothing to be desired and the wine list is more than extensive. Beer is also served which is important for all those who would rather not drink wine.

The clientele is varied and you will find yourself seated next to long-standing residents of the district, young creative people, students or visitors to Vienna from both Austria and abroad. The “Weinstube Josefstadt” is open almost all year round but it does enjoy a break from Christmas until spring. In the colder seasons, the garden is of course not open but the retro charm of the interior is a cosy place to spend some time. A further advantage of the “Weinstube Josefstadt” is that it can be easily reached by public transport – a stop of both the no. 13A bus and the no. 2 tram is only a two-minute walk away.

Weinstube Josefstadt
Address: Piaristengasse 27, 1080 Vienna
Website: www.weinstube-josefstadt.at
Öffnungszeiten: www.weinstube-josefstadt.at

Wiener Linien
Website: www.wienerlinien.at


The oldest Heuriger of the city is in Ottakring

The Heurigen institution in Vienna is, without a doubt, the “10er Marie” in the 16th district. This Heurigen has been located here since 1740 (!). Ottakring is a very popular wine-growing and Heurigen area which is greatly appreciated by the current Mayor of Vienna, Michael Häupl. There is no other Heurigen in Vienna which has a bigger or more varied buffet than the “10er Marie” where all hungry guests are sure to leave full. There is something for everyone on offer here. The wine list is also one of the most extensive in the city as regards types and categories of wine.

Music events are also held regularly at the “10er Marie”. Typical Heurigen music as well as a Weiße G`Spritze (white wine with mineral water) are part and parcel of any Heurigen visit. Here the Heurigen tradition is lived and maintained as in hardly any other place in Vienna. And because many Viennese as well as guests to Vienna know this, it is recommended that you reserve a table in advance.

10er Marie
Address: Ottakringer Str. 222-224, 1160 Vienna
Website: www.10ermarie.at
Opening times: www.10ermarie.at/kontakt


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