Day trip to Bratislava

A day trip from Vienna to Bratislava

In all of Europe, there are no two capital cities that are geographically as close to each other as Bratislava and Vienna. So what could be better than a day trip to Bratislava during a visit to Vienna? Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located directly on the “blue” Danube and it can be reached by car in just over one hour from Vienna.


Getting to Bratislava


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The fastest and easiest way to travel to Bratislava from Vienna is by car. Approximately 82km lie between the Austrian capital and Bratislava’s city centre, meaning that you only have to drive for just over an hour to get there. There are also plenty of opportunities to park in Bratislava, as both parking spaces and garages are available.

However, there is a much better way to travel than by car, thus also avoiding traffic or traffic jams, and that is by sailing on the Danube River. The Twin City Liner sails four times a day from Schwedenplatz in Vienna to the Slovak metropolis. The shipping season begins at the end of March and continues until the end of October. But what are the advantages of the Twin City Liner? A relaxing trip by ship, arrival directly in the centre of Bratislava, no searching for a parking space, as well as a wonderful and unique experience ‑ sailing down the Danube.

The third possibility to get to Bratislava is by rail. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) offer several daily connections to Bratislava. And the same applies here: no searching for a parking space, arrive relaxed in the city centre, as well as a climate-friendly mode of transport.

Twin City Liner
Landing stage: Schiffstation Wien City, Franz-Josefs-Kai 2, Schwedenplatz/Kai, 1010 Vienna

ÖBB – Österreichischen Bundesbahnen


Sights and attractions in Bratislava – Pressburg


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The landmark of Bratislava – in German, Pressburg – is a wonderful castle, which towers over the Danube metropolis. From here, you will likely have the most beautiful and best view of the city and the Danube.

There is a museum in the castle itself. Bratislava Castle is definitely the “must see” when visiting the Slovak capital. The spot is also a great place to take super photos.

Bratislava, with a population of just over 400,000, also has its own cathedral: St. Martin’s Cathedral. Under the cathedral, there is an underground cemetery from the 11th century, which is definitely worth a visit.

If you do intend to visit St. Martin’s Cathedral, bear in mind that this is not a museum, because masses are still held regularly here. If you would like to see the cathedral from the inside, you should first find out when this is possible, or take part in one of the guided tours on offer.


Sights and attractions in Bratislava – Michaelertor


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The history and settlement of Bratislava dates back to the Stone Age. One last relic from the Middle Ages is the Michaelertor, “Michael’s Gate”. This is the last preserved city gate from the medieval city fortifications. As such, Michael’s Gate is one of the oldest preserved constructions in the city.

There is a small museum in the building itself. Those who visit it will be rewarded with a great view of both the city and Bratislava Castle.

Next to the Castle, there is a second and very famous building for which Bratislava is famous. It dates back to 1972 and is located directly on the Danube: the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising. In particular, the viewing platform, which strongly resembles a UFO, is a popular photo motif.

The Bridge lies directly on the Danube promenade, a great location for a wonderful stroll, especially in the warmer months. When you have walked enough, you could have a break at the “UFO” restaurant and enjoy a fantastic view of the city and the castle. On particularly clear days, you can see up to 100 kilometres inland and to the area surrounding Bratislava.


We highly recommend taking the Twin City Liner from Vienna to Bratislava. The journey itself is an experience – we promise! Because the journey is as important as the desination.


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