Excursions around Vienna

Recommended excursions around Vienna

Regardless of whether in summer or in winter, the area surrounding Vienna has much to offer. Shopping, Roman excavations, palaces or swimming in one of the largest lakes in Europe. We would like to dedicate this blog to places which are worth visiting in the south of Vienna. To be more precise, the provinces bordering Vienna – Burgenland and Lower Austria.

In the footsteps of Prince Eugene in Marchfeld

A true jewel of the Baroque period and only a one-hour drive away from Vienna’s city centre is the Schloss Hof in Lower Austria. The Palace is located in the Marchfeld region and is the largest of the six so-called Marchfeld Palaces. At one time, the most well-known Austrian general, Prince Eugene, lived here. Schloss Hof has a generous garden and park, which are perfect for longer walks as well as temporary exhibitions inside the Palace itself. A number of eating establishments are also located in the Palace and they provide excellent food for visitors. A petting zoo, various animals in large enclosures and the possibility to go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage round off the wonderful possibilities for the young and the young at heart.

Website: https://www.schlosshof.at/en/visitors-information/
How to get there: https://www.schlosshof.at/en/visitors-information/how-to-get-there/

Die Römerstadt vor den Toren Wiens

An excursion to Carnuntum, situated close to Vienna has, since time immemorial, been obligatory for all Viennese school children. It can also be recommended for a short trip during a visit to Vienna. At one time, Carnuntum was a fortified military camp on the Danube and a town for the families of the Roman legions developed nearby. If you go on a longer walk through the open-air museum, you will discover much about the Romans and their lifestyle. You can marvel at the Roman military museum and the two amphitheatres as well as the famous Heidentor (Heathens’ Gate).

In almost no other place in Austria will you be able to feel as close to the Roman way of life as in Carnuntum – it is like a journey back in time to a long forgotten époque and to a time in human history which lies some thousand years in the past. This feeling is reinforced by originally rebuilt Roman buildings, which make you think that you are in the glorious times of the Romans in the south of Vienna.

Website: http://www.carnuntum.at/
How to get there: http://www.carnuntum.at/en/visitor-information/route-description

Popularly known as the Lake of the Viennese

It is one of the largest steppe lakes in Europe and it is situated in both Austria and in neighbouring Hungary. We are of course talking about the Lake of the Viennese – as it is popularly known – the Neusiedler See in Burgenland. No other province in Austria (of which there are nine) enjoys so many hours of sunshine as Burgenland, which lies to the south of Vienna. Neusiedler See offers a huge variety of activities and possibilities to spend your free time: swimming, surfing, riding, hiking in various national parks, spas, boats to hire – whether pedal, electric or rowing – sailing, lake festivals, Heurige (a local tavern where winemakers serve their new wines), gastronomy and much much more.

It will take you less than one hour to drive from Vienna to the towns of Neusied am See, Podersdorf, Breitenbrunn or Purbach. It is also not much further to the wonderful town of Rust or to the famous lake festival in Mörbisch. Neusiedler See is worth a visit at any time of the year. In summer the Viennese flock to the lake to cool down from the hot temperatures in the city while in winter you can go on wonderful long walks on the banks of the lake or in the national parks in the region.


Shopping in Burgenland

The Designer Outlet in Parndorf is just as popular with Austrians as it is with Slovakians and Hungarians as well as tourists from all corners of the world. A veritable paradise for those who love to shop and bargain hunters. If you travel by car, it will take you just under an hour from Vienna or you can take the shuttle bus from Vienna’s city centre to one of the largest shopping centres in Austria. A particularly special feature of the mall is that it is more reminiscent of a small village than a shopping centre. The pretty rows of small houses are home to more than 160 shops from globally known fashion brands as well as various cafés and restaurants.

You can easily spend the whole day here, just strolling around. Because it is a designer outlet, you can get some real bargains in Parndorf with the prices often being up to 70% lower than in other locations or shopping centres. The Late Night Shopping evenings, which take place a few times a year, are particularly popular. On these evenings, all shops are open until 9pm. But be warned that there can be traffic jams when driving to the Outlet and it is advisable to travel early and to take enough time for your shopping spree here.

Website: https://www.mcarthurglen.com/at/designer-outlet-parndorf/en/
How to get there: https://designeroutlets.mcarthurglen.com/burgenland/parndorf/designer-outlet-parndorf.html


Many places around Vienna – be it in Lower Austria or in Burgenland – can be easily reached by public transport. Information on VOR (the transport association of the eastern region) can be accessed here: https://www.vor.at/

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