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Watch films in charming Viennese cinemas

Especially on rainy days or when it’s cold outside, many Viennese visit the numerous and varied cinemas in the city. But the cinemas, especially those which are independent, are well worth a visit, also even if you are just here for a short trip. In contrast to many other cities, these independent cinemas have not only survived in the competition with multiplex cinemas but they are extremely popular with local Viennese.


Cinema in Vienna (also) in French

One of the most charming cinemas in the city is, without a doubt, the “De France”, which is located near the main University and Schottentor. As the name already indicates, many French films are shown here in original version with subtitles. But also English films are shown in the two auditoriums. “De France” is definitely the first port of call for fans of French films who wish to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening at the cinema.

De France
Address: Schottenring 5 / Heßgasse 7, 1010 Vienna


The No. 1 cinema in Vienna for English fans


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In the heart of the city –  between Judenplatz and Hohen Markt – movie buffs will discover one of the most interesting cinemas in the city: “Artis International”. A few years ago, the management decided that the films would be shown in the original language. Most of the films are in English and are shown in a number of auditoriums. The “Artis International”, although regarded as an institution on the Viennese cinema scene for decades, does not exclusively show independent films but, on the contrary, also blockbusters.

Artis International
Address: Schultergasse 5, 1010 Vienna


The oldest original language cinema in Vienna

Situated at one of the most prominent locations in Vienna – on the Ringstraße (the road encircling the city’s first district) – is the time-honoured “Burg Kino”. It is the oldest cinema in the city which shows films in their original language. Here you can choose from current films as well as classics from the golden age of cinema or Hollywood films from the last century and some in black&white. This cinema embodies the culture of cinema which is evidenced and confirmed in the programme. And at times, blockbusters are also projected onto the screens of the “Burg Kino”.

Burg Kino
Address: Opernring 19, 1010 Vienna


High-class cinema and headquarters of the Viennale


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 A further cinema is located on the Ringstraße, the venerable “Gartenbaukino”. With only one auditorium, it is one of the most high-class cinemas in the city. Here films celebrate their premieres in the presence of actors and directors, red carpet included, of course. The “Gartenbaukino” is also an integral part of the world-famous Viennese cinema festival – the “Viennale“. Both the opening and closing films are shown here. The cinema foyer is reminiscent of the 1950s and is well-known for its wild parties. It is for good reason that it is one of the most popular places for the Viennese when they go out for the evening. The “Strahler 80” parties the cinema hosts are not only popular with movie buffs and they have become legendary.

Address: Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna


A time journey to the golden age of cinema

The wonderful entrance to the Viennese “Filmcasino“, with its neon sign in Margaretenstraße makes you feel as if you have journeyed to the past. Such neon signs are unfortunately no longer a part of daily life in Vienna. Here, in what has developed into one of the trendiest districts of the city, you can watch independent films from national and international productions. Also here premieres are shown a number of times per year in the presence of the respective artists. The “Filmcasino” lies at the heart of a lively quarter of the city where many go for a night out near Margaretenplatz, the Naschmarkt and the Schlossquadrat. Not only are visitors attracted by the cinema but also by the various clubs, bars and restaurants which are situated in this lively part of the city. Here you will find some CheckVienna apartments in this quarter:

Address: Margaretenstraße 78, 1050 Vienna


Regardless of whether you would like to watch a blockbuster or an independent film, the cinemas in Vienna offer the most suitable film for every taste and mood. In many cinemas in the city, visitors can enjoy price reductions on a Monday – simply check out the programme online and don’t forget your popcorn!

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