Best pizzerias in Vienna

Pizza in Vienna

The greatest worldwide export hit from Italy is probably the pizza. And also in Vienna, pizza is one of the most popular dishes with both locals as well as visitors and tourists. There is an amazing choice of pizzerias and hardly any other food is so present in Vienna, from the city centre to the outer corners of the suburbs. There are differences in the quality of the pizzas themselves as well as in the atmosphere of the restaurants. Tastes are simply different.

From Mari in Leopoldstadt to the Mariahilfer Disco

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Not far from the popular Karmelitermarkt, you will find a pizzeria which, a few years ago, started a pizza trend in Vienna which is still ongoing today: Pizza Mari. In a very simple, almost sterile atmosphere, a very special type of pizza is on offer, namely the Neapolitan version of pizza. Really thin, a soft crust and of course from an original Italian pizza oven. The most important ingredient, the flour, as well as all the other ingredients come directly from Italy. As it was becoming increasingly difficult to get a table, and therefore a pizza, the owner decided to open up a further restaurant in a district which is just as popular and trendy – the sixth district of Vienna, Mariahilf.

Here too you will experience a spartan interior. The highlight of the restaurant, besides the food and drink, is definitely the pizza oven which in a way gave the restaurant its name. The round oven is in the truest sense of the word, an over-sized disco ball.

Pizza Mari
Address: Leopoldsgasse 23A, 1020 Vienna
Opening times:
Tuesday – Friday: 12 noon – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Saturday: 12 noon – 11pm
Sunday: 12 noon – 10pm

Disco Volante
Address: Gumpendorfer Str. 98, 1060 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Friday: 12 noon – 3pm, 6pm – midnight
Saturday: 12 noon – midnight
Sunday: 12 noon – 11pm


Via Toledo – Italian flair in Josefstadt


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 The Via Toledo Enopizzeria, situated in Vienna’s eighth district, Josefstadt, opened relatively recently in the city. This district has a large number of different Italian restaurants and many people from the Italian community live here. In some restaurants you can truly live and experience “la dolce vita”. And also in Langegasse, in this spacious restaurant. You are guaranteed a warm welcome – literally – as the Neapolitan pizza oven and the pizza chef are positioned directly at the entrance.

If you are looking for pasta or other main dishes, you will look in vain as the focus is on pizzas from the Vesuvius region. Italian antipasti and bruschetta can be recommended as starters and if you dare, why not order the Pizza & Nutella as dessert (pizza, nutella, banana, almond brittle and icing sugar).

Via Toledo Enopizzeria
Address: Laudongasse 13, 1080 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Sunday: 11am – 10:30pm


Pizza Made in Vienna

Pizza does not always have to come from Italy or be baked according to an Italian recipe. The owners of Bros Pizza in Vienna’s seventh district, Neubau, prove that it is also possible to make Austrian style pizzas. Located centrally in a side street of Mariahilferstraße, here you will find pizzas “made in Austria” or, to be more precise, “made in Vienna”. The restaurant is very very small and is reminiscent of a take-away but that is what gives this eating establishment its unrivalled charm and uniqueness. There are a few places to sit and pass the time, but only few.

The Viennese pizza is made from rye sourdough and because of this, its base and crust is more than crispy. Similar to the pizzas from Rome but only with a different type of dough. You can choose from eight varieties which can be accompanied by various craft beers and trendy lemonades. An interesting detail: in order to shorten your waiting time, you can play Super Mario Cart on the Super Nintendo which is on the only large table in the restaurant!

Bros Pizza
Address: Zollergasse 2, 1070 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Saturday: 12 noon – 3pm, 5pm – 9pm
Sunday: closed


Pizza Riva – One of the hotspots in Wieden

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Wheater at the Summer Stage alongside the Danube Canal or at the first location in Vienna’s 9th district, Alsergrund or at our favourite close to Wiener Hauptstraße: The Pizza Riva is known throughout Vienna. The Pizza Riva Favorita has won the hearts of many and not only those living in the district. This is above all due to the quality of the pizza and the ingredients but also due to the stylish and modern interior design with large light fittings and some wood.

The restaurant is located close to Karlsplatz and the Technical University and the Naschmarkt is within walking distance. In summer you can sit in the garden, while in the colder months of the year the spacious interior of the Riva, decorated with pictures of such Italian originals as a Vespa or a Fiat 500 from the 1950s, is particularly inviting. Here only the best type of mozzarella and few ingredients are used as is fitting for a truly Italian pizza prepared in the Neapolitan manner – simply delicious! The base is thin and the crust fluffy.

Pizza Riva
Address: Favoritenstr. 4–6, 1040 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 11pm
Saturday – Sunday: 5:30pm – 11pm

Tastes and preferences in the case of pizza are varied. A thick crust, thin base, only with mozzarella and tomatoes or with prosciutto. Best to simply try a variety and to be open for new or unknown variations of this popular dish.

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