Amazing views of Vienna

Vienna from above: An alternative way to discover the capital

At any time of the year, whether during the day or at night, Vienna is a beautiful city. Above all when the metropolis on the Danube is viewed from above. There are a number of wonderful places where you can get an amazing bird’s eye view of the city. Here we would like to tell you about a few places where you can admire Vienna from above!


Wine, Heurige and a wonderful view of Vienna

Stammersdorf is a part of the district of Floridsdorf, which is located to the north of the Danube River. Well-known for its Heurige (taverns in Eastern Austria where a local winemaker serves his/her new wine under a special licence in alternate months during the growing season), fairs and, of course, also for its wine, parts of Stammersdorf are situated above Vienna. If you would like to have a wonderful view of the city, we recommend a visit to the so-called “Stammersdorfer Kellergasse” – (Kellergasse is the term used to describe a street lined with wine cellars). Alleged to be the prettiest Kellergasse in the city, according to the sign at the beginning of the street. In any case, some Heurige offer fantastic views of Vienna. Why not spend some time enjoying your food and drink in traditional and rustic gardens and terraces – with a breath-taking view of Vienna?



Panorama view from the Wiener Donauturm (Danube Tower)

In addition to the well-known landmarks of Vienna, for example, St. Stephan’s Cathedral or the Schönbrunn Palace, the Danube Tower is also well worth a visit. The Tower is situated at the heart of the expansive Danube Park, a popular recreational area for many Viennese, which is directly on the U1 underground line. The Danube Tower not only has an open viewing platform with an amazing panorama view of the entire city and the Danube, but also a revolving restaurant and coffee house. A superb location to spend an evening of wining and dining while watching the sun set over Vienna.

Danube Tower
Address: Donauturmstrasse/Mispelweg 8, 1220 Vienna
Opening times:
Due to renovation work, the Tower is closed until mid-May 2018
Monday – Sunday: 10am – midnight
Last ascent: 11:30pm


A view of the heart of Vienna

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St. Stephen’s Cathedral, located in the middle of Vienna’s centre, offers two possibilities to view the city from above as the two towers of the Gothic cathedral are accessible. You can walk up one tower on the increasingly narrower steps, while you can reach the top of the other tower by lift. As such, the north tower in particular can be accessed by all visitors without any restrictions. Here you can also marvel at the bell which St. Stephen’s is famous for – the Pummerin – at close quarters. The view from both towers is particularly special, almost magical. From the heart of Vienna, you can gaze over the city – as far as your eye can see – a city which is steadily expanding.

. Stephen’s Cathedral
Address: Stephansplatz 3/4/7, 1010 Vienna
Opening times:
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 3pm
Friday: 9am – 1pm


Discover the city from the countryside


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If you would like to travel to the countryside during your visit to Vienna, while enjoying the city from above, we can but recommend a short trip to Cobenzl, located in the 19th district of Vienna. Due to the good public transport connections, Cobenzl – above all at weekends – is a very popular destination for the Viennese. In addition to the views of the city, there are also various eating establishments as well as a winery at Cobenzl. The locals are especially fond of the nearby Bellevue Wiese, which, as its name suggests, offers a fantastic view of Vienna and its environs. On a clear day you can even see as far as Burgenland and Schneeberg (literally, “Snow Mountain”, the highest mountain in Lower Austria).

Cobenzl Winery
Address: Am Cobenzl 96, 1190 Vienna
Opening times to buy products:
Mornings: Monday – Friday: 7am – midday
Afternoons: Monday – Wednesday: 1pm – 5pm, Thursday: 1pm – 4pm


All the places above that we recommend you visit can easily be reached by public transport. Also, none are far from Vienna’s city centre.

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